About Polychart

Psst… Unlike many rugged projects in Crypto world. If we could do something in long-term to benefit others and in return benefit ourselves, why not? Polychart will be a life-long on-going project for us in Polygon network.

👋 Hi there, Polychart is a real-time price charting tool for the Polygon (Matic) network. Our vision is to become the go-to trading tool for Polygon. We created Polychart as a tool to use ourselves, as we needed a way to visualize price charts on Quickswap. Seeing much demand from the Polygon community in different Telegram groups of other projects for price charts of various tokens on Quickswap, we decided to release our charts to the public and do a fair token launch for our project.

Why choose us over other charts?

Because our chart is correct. As simple as that. Just check it out below:

Compare 1: Other chart’s historical presentation compared to Polychart

In Polygon network, there aren’t any third parties providing any APIs to retrieve the historical prices directly.
Thus, we do the hard work to retrieve the data directly from the blockchain and indexed it in our own database.

Comparison 2: Better candlestick in Polychart

As an obvious comparison, we could clearly see candlestick mapping from our competitors are off and our chart is mapped correctly.

Our motivation

When the first time we came over to Polygon, we wanted to have an overview of the token price or data analytics before any investment made. But the frustration to find a good chart has motivated us. Hence, Polychart is born, and our goals are simple, is to serve and equip other users/investors who need help with necessary info when coming over to Polygon.

The room for growth is enormous, and we’re very ambitious about it, our ultimate vision is to be the go-to trading tool for tokens in Polygon. In addition to our mission, which is to build a great product for traders and degens on Polygon.

Benefits of holding our token

- 1% of every transaction is re-distributed evenly to all $PCHART holders. (This means that the amount of $PCHART tokens in your wallet increases automatically over time as people trade PCHART. All you have to do is hold the $PCHART in your wallet for passive gains).

- 4% of every transaction is automatically added to the QuickSwap liquidity pool. (Liquidity will automatically grow over time as $PCHART is traded. Having a larger liquidity pool makes the project more attractive to a wider audience of investors, as they are protected from volatile price movements).

Our team

We are a small team of about 4 people. Consists of product owner, programmer, marketer, and designer.

All of us used to work together in an agency. In the past, we handled many IT works and design consulting works. Our clients/projects ranging from Government, corporations to startups. Our past experiences ranging from 5 to 10 years in IT solutions and design works.

Back in 2015, one day, we talked about crypto stuff, and that time is a pretty cool thing to have back then. And we also invest in a lot of projects during the year 2017, but many scammed projects with the only whitepaper at that time. But as time moves on, Ethereum has made a lead move with smart contract, and later Polygon takes the lead. Since we are all experienced tech leads, marketers, and designers, so we decided to take up the initiative to lead a good project in the Polygon space.




Real-time price charts for Polygon DEXes

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Real-time price charts for Polygon DEXes

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