Our journey just begun

First and foremost, I represented our team and would like to thanks everyone here, who was still here amidst us. 🙏

I believe everyone has noticed, the giant has emerged and has stepped into our territory. Tbh, this is earlier than what we have expected. But what is within our expectation is, nonetheless, the giant will eventually come. To us this is not “the end” or “game over”, but the “Beginning” for us.

The emergence is a good sign, meaning Polygon (Matic) will have a good and prosperous road ahead. Up to this day, our team members still haven’t sold our own portion, and determine with faith and continue to walk the valley of the shadow of death. I still recall vividly the first day many have questioned us, whether this will be a rug project. If it would, we won’t even consider building so much stuff till today, we were nothing back then, but gladly many trusted us, give us chances, and we’re blessed to continue the journey and keep hustling. It might not be a smooth journey, but definitely a journey worth remembering, at least for us. People I know, who trusted us initially, I’ve seen them dumped us, if anyone here can’t continue the journey, I urge you to quit (but, of course, I hope you stay). Till the glorious day, let’s continue to strive.

God bless every one of us here. Peace.

About Polychart

A real-time price charting tool for decentralized exchanges on Polygon (Matic) network. Our vision is to become the go-to trading tool for Polygon.

For more information about Polychart, please connect with us:

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Real-time price charts for Polygon DEXes

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Real-time price charts for Polygon DEXes

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