Polychart Shilling Contest — 300,000 $PCHART up for grabs!

👋 Hello $PCHART holders! It has been 5 days since we listed our $PCHART token on Quickswap, and we have seen continued growth and support from our community.

Shilling Contest

Polychart is has put out a bounty for the highest quality shills from our awesome community, and giving 3 lucky winners the chance to win 300,000 PCHART in total.

How it works

  1. Follow https://twitter.com/Polychartio, and Like and Retweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/Polychartio/status/1397815847071010819
  2. Make a post on Twitter or Reddit (on a crypto-related subreddit) about why you love Polychart and why others should care about our project. Your post must include a link to our website and/or Telegram group!
  3. The first 3 posts to hit 300 Twitter likes, or 300 Reddit upvotes will win 100,000 PCHART each.
  4. Send a Telegram DM to @polychart_alien with the link to your post once it has hit 300 likes/upvotes to claim your prize.

*We will manually review each winning post. Participants found out to be cheating by purchasing likes or using bots to game the system will be disqualified from this contest as well as all future contests.



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