Polychart Token ($PCHART) — Now listed on QuickSwap

Buy $PCHART on QuickSwap, on the Polygon network

What is Polychart?

Polychart app is live at https://app.polychart.io.

What is $PCHART Token?

There will be no seed, private, or presale for Polychart token. Initial liquidity will be provided by the team, and liquidity will be locked shortly after listing.

The official PCHART contract address is:

$PCHART Tokenomics

$PCHART Token Mechanics

  • Passive income
    of every transaction is re-distributed evenly to all PCHART holders.
    (This means that the amount of PCHART tokens in your wallet increases automatically over time as people trade PCHART. All you have to do is hold the PCHART in your wallet for passive gains).
  • Self-growing liquidity
    of every transaction is automatically added to the QuickSwap liquidity pool.
    (Liquidity will automatically grow over time as PCHART is traded. Having a larger liquidity pool makes the project more attractive to a wider audience of investors, as they are protected from volatile price movements).
  • Anti-bot + Anti-whale
    There is a maximum transaction amount of 1,000,000 PCHART (1% of total supply) per transaction.
    (The maximum transaction fee protects investors from being front-run by bots, and prevents whales from buying up a huge amount of the supply or dumping a large amount of tokens at once).

How to buy $PCHART Token


  • Use slippage: Above 6%
  • Maximum amount per transaction: 1,000,000 PCHART

Initial liquidity: 50,000,000 PCHART + 500 MATIC

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